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Pattern of the Month

Greetings and welcome to Pattern of the Month!

Here, you will learn the history, culture and tradition of circular machine knitting.  Antique sock machines were invented in the early 1800s, a time when women honoured the precepts of the Bible - marriage, family and home.

Women were dedicated homemakers, attending and nurturing their husbands and children.  Homemakers of the 1800s thought it scandalous if a woman worked outside the home or left her children in the care of others.

The influence of women in the home was highly regarded and indispensable.

Women provided the meals, clothing and essentials of the home.  Sewing, knitting, tatting and crocheting were estimable skills that befitted every woman.

Antique sock machines assisted women with their responsibilities.  Knitwear could be made quickly and provided a financial resource through private and contractual sales.

Women found the knitting patterns charming and practical.  Hence, women all over the world purchased antique sock machines.

Join us on our travels as we explore American, Canadian, Dutch, English, French, German and Swedish knitting patterns of times past.

Each month, a pattern will be selected from a circular knitting machine manual, vintage knitting book or old-fashioned leaflet for you to enjoy and create on your antique sock machine.

Skill levels will range from beginner to advanced.  The skill level for each pattern will be indicated by asterisks.

Those who do not own sock machines are welcomed to join us too!

Travel back in time and experience the victorian and rustic influences that shaped our world.

Over time, our journeys will span the late 1700s, up through the early 1980s.

Each year, a new series of patterns will be introduced.

New patterns will appear each month.

Sock machine owners, collect your sock machines and let's go!

It's time to travel!  Bon voyage!

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