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Sock Machine Accessories

Sock Machine Accessories

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Sock Machine Accessories

"For the Lord giveth wisdom:  out of his mouth cometh knowledge and understanding."  Proverbs 2:6

The Industrial Revolution brought immense change and opportunity.  Men, young and old, spanned the country with new ideas.

In the 18th century, technologic discoveries and inventions changed the world dramatically.  The Industrial Revolution heralded an era of innovation that systematised the work place.

Mechanisation led to the development of powerful machinery that altered the framework of society and spurred economic growth.

Massive, steam powered machines could work faster and more efficiently than the human hand.

England emerged as the most technologically advanced country of the century, superseding all of its competitors.


In 1761, the first modern factory was established in Birmingham, England by Matthew Boulton of Soho.

Factories paved the way to urbanisation and prosperity.  The factory system enabled large quantities of materials to be completely processed in record time.

Mass production created vast amounts of goods for retailers.  This led to lower prices and greater returns.  Hence, factories became a mainstay.

Scores of workers gathered together 6 or 7 days a week to perform tightly coordinated tasks paced by machinery.


The Industrial Revolution made a significant contribution to the circular knitting machine industry.  Even so, such advanced technology came with its costs.

Standardisation did not exist in the 1800s.  This facilitated the creation of parts that would not interchange between identical makes and models of sock machines.

Such parts were either set aside for later use or refabricated.  Refabrication was quite costly and rarely considered, for the parts had to be melted and recasted.  The former option was more common.

The ill-fitting parts were reshaped and adjusted in various ways in order to create fully functional machines.  Crank wheels, ribber arms, cylinders, cam shells, gear rings and screws were some of the most common parts that lacked standardisation.


As a last resort, the parts were collected in large vaults.  Remnants of metal and steel fragments salvaged from floors and other work surfaces were added to the collection.  The residue was then melted and recasted.

When restoring an antique sock machine, these realities must be taken into consideration.  A lack of standardisation still exists today, for most parts of antique sock machines are not readily interchangeable.

Oldtymestockings is pleased to offer a vast selection of parts to assist you with the restoration and preservation of your antique knitting machine.


If you know the parts required to restore your machine to working order, purchasing replacement parts is a convenient way to restore your sock machine at home.

However, you must realise that a certain amount of manipulation will be required in order to accommodate the part to your particular model of machine.  If you are not familiar with the art of restoring antique sock machines, we recommend that you consult a restorer in your area and have the machine restored.

Alternatively, you may wish to have your antique sock machine restored professionally by Oldtymestockings.  Your sock machine will be restored to optimal working order and our restoration services are guaranteed 100%.  Enjoy the art of antique sock machine knitting today!  Contact us directly for specifics.

We look forward to serving you.  Have a blessed day.

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